About Nursing Services For Catheterisation At Home:

Catheterisation, which is also popular as urinary catheterization, is a medical procedure which helps in draining your urinary bladder and collecting the urine by using a catheter, a flexible tube. You need nursing assistance for smooth urinary catheterisation, and trained and skilled nurses take your right care throughout the catheterisation ensuring it goes smooth without any discomfort. Expert and caring nurses insert urinary catheter into your bladder through urethra and keep a check on the position of catheter.

We at MNCRC have a team of trained and caring nurses who are always available at your service to ensure you have smooth catheterisation in comfort of your home. Our skilled nurses take all the necessary care to prevent you from any pressure injuries, tripping, accidents, or any other discomfort due to catheterisation. Nurses also help the patient to drain the urine bag carefully at regular intervals without any concerns. Besides these, experienced nurses are skilled in taking the necessary care after catheter removal. Our nursing service for catheterisation is available for the individuals of all age-groups, no matter whether it’s a kid, adult, or an aged individual. With MNCRC at your service, you need not have to travel to and fro from hospital for urinary catheterisation as we provide your nursing service conveniently at home by keeping your comfort as priority. So, simply call us or get in touch with us to receive the best nursing for catheterisation in your place of abode without any concerns.

3 Benefits Of Getting Nursing For Catheterisation At Home:

1 Ensures You Follow Necessary Healthy Diet:

Nurses visiting you at home for nursing assistance for catheterisation also guide you with healthy diet tips. They ensure you have fiber rich diet to help you keep constipation troubles at bay, as constipation may affect catheter drainage adversely. Nurses recommend you to have healthy diet comprising figs, nuts, dried prunes, and dates and have good intake of fluids so that you stay healthy and constipation-free during catheterisation.

2 Catheterisation For All Age Groups:

Caring nurses are skilled in taking the right catheterisation care of individuals of all age groups. Whether it’s a child or an elderly individual who needs catheterisation, expert nurses are efficient enough to take care of catheterisation without causing any discomfort to the patient and take into consideration the psychology of the patient. For instance, if a child in your family needs catheterisation and he is scared of it, caring nurses will convince the kid that there is nothing to panic and ensure that the child receives smooth catheterisation.

3 Educates You With Care After Catheter Removal:

You need to take a great care during catheterisation as well as after catheter removal. Nurses educate you with the right care that you need to take post catheter removal. They recommend you to wear loose clothes if you suffer rash or irritation due to catheter, drink plenty of healthy liquids, and go for a sitz bath if you face trouble urinating after catheter removal.

So, if you need nursing for catheterisation, contact us at MNCRC and you will receive excellent nursing assistance for the same in comfort of your home.

Catheterisation at Home

So, if you need nursing for catheterisation, contact us at MNCRC and you will receive excellent nursing assistance for the same in comfort of your home.